Books and Distinctions

• Prof. Dr. Eduardo Bayro Corrochano


dr.eduardo      • First Prize for Science and Technology in the State of Jalisco, Science category, 2006.
• First Prize for Science and Technology in the State of Jalisco, Science category, 2009.
• IEEE Senior Member, 2012.
• IAPR Fellow, 2009.
• Chair of the Mexican Association of Computer Vision, Neuralcomputing and Robotics (MACVNR)

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• Geometric Computing for Perception Action Systems, Eduardo Bayro--Corrochano, Springer Verlag, April 2001.
• Geometric Algebra with Application in Science and Engineering, Eduardo Bayro-- Corrochano and Garret Sobczyk (eds.), Birkhauser, Boston, March, 2001.
• Handbook of Geometric Computing. Applications in Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Neurocomputing and Robotics, Eduardo Bayro-Corrochano, Springer Verlag, Heidelberg, May 2005.
• Geometric Computing for Wavelet Transforms. Robot Vision, Control, Learning Control and Action, Eduardo Bayro-Corrochano, Springer Verlag, London, 2010.
• Geometric Algebra Computing for Engineering and Computer Science, Eduardo Bayro- Corrochano and Gerik Sheuermann (eds.), Springer Verlag, London, 2010.
libros dr bayro


awardLeo Hendryk Reyes
• Arturo Rosenblueth Award for the best doctoral thesis, 2005. Area: Robotic vision

• Dr. Ofelia Begovich Mendoza


dra.ofelia.begovich      • First prize for my Doctorate thesis entitled “Développement et analyse d’outils pour la conception des systemes de commande robuste” given by `Association Francaise pour la Cybernetique Economique et Téchnique (AFCET)’ y el `Centre National de Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)’, 19 May, 1993, Paris, France.
• Level I member of the National System of Researchers (SNI).

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• Dr. Bernardino Castillo Toledo


dr.bernardino      • Jalisco State Prize for Science and Technology, Science category, 2008.
• Level I member of the National System of Researchers (SNI).
• 2012-2013 President of the Guadalajara section of the IEEE, of which he is a Senior Member.
• Guest member of the Governing Board of the School of Engineering and Medicine of the ITESM.
• Member of the Mexican Academy of Sciences.
• Coordinator of the 5th Commission for Innovation, Science, and Technology of the Council for Higher Education Planning of Jalisco (COEPES).
• Representative of the State Research Centers on the Governing Board of COECYTJAL.
• Guest member of the National Editorial Committee of EL MURAL newspaper, 2014.

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• Dr. Edgar Nelson Sánchez Camperos


dr.edgar.nelson      • A. S. Poznyak, E. N. Sanchez, and W. Yu, Differential Neural Networks for Robust Nonlinear Control, World Scientific, Singapore, 2002, ISBN 981-02-4624-2.
• E. N. Sánchez and A. Y. Alanís, Neural Networks: Fundamental Concepts and Applications for Automatic Control, Pearson Educación, Madrid, España, 2006, ISBN 13 978-84-8322-295-9.
• E. N. Sanchez, A. Y. Alanis, and A. G. Loukianov, Discrete-Time, High Order Neural Control: Trained with Kalman Filtering, Springer Verlag, Berlin, Germany, 2008, ISBN 978-3-540-78288-9.
• E. N. Sanchez and F. Ornelas-Tellez, Discrete-Time Inverse Optimal Control for Nonlinear Systems, CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group, Boca Raton, Florida, USA, , April, 2013. ISBN 9781466580679.

More information: Dr. Edgar Nelson Sánchez Camperos

• Dr. Arturo Sánchez Carmona


dr.arturo.sanchez      • Newitt Prize for the best theoretical/computational doctoral thesis of the Department of Chemical Engineering of the Imperial College, London, GB 1994.
• Armstrong Prize for the best doctoral thesis of the Imperial College, London, GB 1996.
• Best presentation of the session, American Control Conference 1993.
• Best poster of the session, Amidiq Meeting, 2014.
• Member of the Technical Committee of the Ford International Scholarship Program in Guatemala
• Member of the Technical Committee of the National Technology Prize, 2009-2011.

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libro arturo sanchez      • Formal Specification and Synthesis of Procedural Controllers for Process Systems, Arturo Sánchez Carmona, Springer, 1996.
Springer, 1996

• Outstanding Students


awardLuis Josué Ricalde Castellanos
• Arturo Rosenblueth Award for the best doctoral thesis, 2006.

awardAlma Yolanda Álanis García
• L´Oreal-Unesco Academy Fellowship for Women in Science, 2013.

awardJosé Antonio Ruz Hernández
• Award for the best doctoral thesis at the Institute of Electrical Research (IIE) Year: 2006 Area: Informatics and Control