Dr. Alexander Loukianov

bnr dr alexander

formacionEducation and Training:

• Master’s in Electrical Engineering (Automation and Control) Polytechnic Institute of the Soviet Union, Faculty of Automation and Radio Electronics (March, 1975).
• Doctorate in Electrical Engineering (Automation and Control), Institute of Control Sciences (previously Institute of Automation y Tele-mechanics). Russian Academy of Sciences, (March, 1986).
• Level I member of the National System of Researchers (SNI).

lineas investigacionLines of Research:

• Robust Control for Nonlinear Systems with Uncertainties.
  1. Robust control based on sliding mode control methods; liberalization through feedback techniques, including "backstepping" and block check; inverse and robust optimal control; and passive variations (geometric method).
  2. Intelligent control via high-order sliding modes with neural nets and fuzzy logic.
  3. Problema regulación robusta por modos deslizantes en sistemas lineales y no lineales.
  4. Design of observers for Nonlinear Systems.
  5. Robust control based on sliding modes and predictors for dynamic systems with delays and perturbations.
• Electromechanical systems, including manipulators, humanoid robots, and mobile robots.
• Infinite bus and multi-machine electrical power systems (including eighth order synchronous generators, excitation systems, FACTs systems, the network, and the charge).
• Wind power systems.
• Electrical motors:
  • Direct current motors with controlled flow
  • Rotative induction motors and tri-phase and mono-phase motors with linear displacement
  • Stepper motors
  • Synchronous motors
• Internal combustion motors and automotive systems, including ABS.
• Hydraulic electro servomotors.
• Quadrotor helicopter and satellites.

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