Dr. Arturo Sánchez Carmona

bnr dr arturo

formacionEducation and Training:

• Chemical Engineering and Administration, 1985 ITESO, México
• Master’s in Engineering, 1989 UAM, México (Advanced Control of polymerization reactors).
• Ph. D, 1994, Imperial College, GB (Automation of large scale industrial processes).
• Specialist technology consultant, registered with CONACYT since 1999.
• Member of the National System of Researchers (SNI) since 1996.

lineas investigacionLines of Research:

• Process engineering for advanced biofuels
• Dynamics and control of thermochemical reactors
• Formal development of controllers for discrete event systems applied to industrial processes

Current Projects
• Process engineering of advanced biofuels.
• Formal development of logic/sequential (discrete event) control systems for industrial processes.

List of publications:
Experimental software for the symbolic synthesis of controllable languages for discrete event systems modeled as automatons. Enter to SSPC

proyectosRelationship with private industry:




Business Consortia

Development of a production and packing administration and control system for the perishable food industry.

Grupo Monteblanco S de R.L.A

Development of a solid-state fermentation reactor supervisory system.  
Grupo Monteblanco S de R.L.A

Study of the behavior of incubating compost with different thermal strategies.  

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