Dr. Ofelia Begovich Mendoza

bnr dr ofelia

formacionEducation and Training:

• Bachelor’s in Engineering in Electronics and Communications, ESIME - IPN, México D.F. (1983).
• Master’s in Science with a specialty in Electrical Engineering, CINVESTAV-Zacatenco, México, D.F. (1987).
• Doctorate from the Universidad de Rennes I, France (1992).

Current Position: Researcher CINVESTAV 3B

lineas investigacionLines of Research:

• Process control: Control of Greenhouses and Parcels.
• Control of irrigation cannel levels.
• Fault detection: Leak diagnosis in high-pressure water pipelines.
• Robust Linear Control, Takagi-Sugeno type Fuzzy Control.
• Discrete Event System Control Modeled by Petri Net.

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