Master's Studies Program

Elective Subjects

colash materias-en• Mathematics II
• Mathematics III
• Digital Control
• Discrete Event System Control I
• Discrete Event System Control II
• Discrete Event System Control III
• Discrete Event System Control IV
• Nolinear Systems I
• Nonlinear Systems II
• Nonlinear Systems III
Nonlinear Systems IV
• Adaptive Control I
• Adaptive Control II
• Adaptive Control M
• Robotics I
• Robotics II
• Robotics III
• Image Processing I
• Image Processing II
• Vision I
• Vision II
• Geometic Algebra Applications in Cybernetics
• Optimal Control
• Linear Systems II
• Linear Systems III

• The two elective courses to be taken in the 3rd quadrimester may be chosen of the elective subjects offered in the catalog and their selection will be determined by the research director and will be subject to course availability.
• For the fourth to the sixth quadrimester: Thesis development. If the student wishes to take a course, s/he can choose for the elective subjects offered in the catalog as long as the course is available.
• In order to earn a degree, the student must complete at least 10 subjects.
• Any change to the program must be approved by the Control Group professors.