Working guidelines

Care of furniture and equipment

At the beginning of the Master’s, the student must fill out a letter of receipt indicating what furniture and equipment was received and its state upon delivery. The letter of receipt must be turned in to the Control Laboratory Assistant. When the student registers for his/her final examination or drops the course, s/he must contact the Control Laboratory Assistant, who will check that the backup is in good condition, according to the information in the original letter of receipt. If this is the case, the Assistant will sign off on the respective document (drop or final exam). In the event that the backup is not in good condition, the student must replace and/or repair whatever is damaged before authorization.

Control Laboratory Assistant

The Control Laboratory Assistant will be in charge of the proper operation of the laboratory, support the students and researchers in the use of the prototypes and some computer programs used in the group. The assistant will also give support to researchers in making quotes and to the coordinators of control and the campus when necessary. Outside of these activities, if any researcher needs more support, the Assistant must be requested from the coordinator, who will then request approval from the group

Student Code of Conduct
  • Students must have a respectful attitude towards all members of the Control area and the campus.
  • They must not eat in the laboratory, the prototype area, or in the cubicles.
  • Students must maintain silence in the laboratory and in other areas where it is requested.
  • They must be disciplined and punctual.
  • They must keep all areas of CINVESTAV clean: furniture, computers, equipment, green areas, etc.

An infraction in any of these points could merit a sanction, depending on severity.